Implement data management projects with PHAIDRA-Services

16.10.2023 10:00 - 12:00

Online-workshop to become familiar with storage and archiving systems and tools of PHAIDRA-Services for the implementation of optimal data management strategies

In addition to the long-term archiving system PHAIDRA, PHAIDRA-Services also offers support in creating, describing and storing data throughout the project duration and beyond. You will get to know the range of different systems for the many requirements of modern data management at the University of Vienna and gain an insight into working with research-supporting tools: UNIDAM, the Digital Asset Management System for the administration of image data for teaching and research, or the software Transkribus for automatic handwriting recognition are presented, among others, as well as different storage options. In addition, the possibilities for building a corpus from digitisation to various data enrichment steps (OCR, HTR, Topic Model, NER, ANTTools...) to storage and description in a Digital Asset Management System will be outlined and shown in this workshop. Hands on sessions and concrete construction of corpora based on your concrete research data can be registered at
Above all, this workshop is intended to provide a framework for intensive exchange in the use of our services and to explore the question: How can I implement modern data management in my research project with the infrastructure of PHAIDRA services?

Training: Mag. Dr. Susanne Blumesberger MSc, Mag. Martin Gasteiner, Mag. Sonja Edler MSc, Victoria Eisenheld, BA

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