A unique identification number for researchers, the ORCID iD, can also be entered in PHAIDRA and links to ORCID profile.

In PHAIDRA, an ORCID iD can be entered when assigning roles in the Metadata Editor.
One click on the name in detail view and the ORCID iD is displayed, another click and you will be linked to an appropriate ORCID profile.


ORCID - Connecting Research and Researchers

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Research funding institutions increasingly require an ORCID iD for the unique identification of researchers, and since 2018 University of Vienna is also an institutional member of ORCID. ORCID is a non-profit organisation, emerging from the "Open Researcher Contributor Identification Initiative" founded in 2010, and is supported by members of the international scientific community. The participants include research organisations, publishers and funding agencies. The current ORCID committee consists of representatives from Elsevier, Springer and CERN, among others. By registering on ORCID website, the iD is assigned as a "persistent digital identifier" in form of an alphanumeric code that ensures machine processing and rapid dissemination. Own research performance can be managed easily, becomes transparent for everyone and can be clearly assigned. In addition, researchers are part of an international network that now has almost 6 million members, enabling a lively scientific exchange.

What ist ORCID?