PHAIDRA and Open Access

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Your research data OA in a repository for long-term archiving?

Phaidra, the repository of the University of Vienna, is the right place.

Phaidra and Open Access?

You have the option of making your Open Access objects freely visible worldwide and you can assign free licenses (such as CC-BY). You have a lot of metadata fields at your disposal to describe your object, only 8 of them are mandatory fields.

Before you start, please test all options in our test instance, the Phaidra Sandbox!


How can I archive my scientific object in Phaidra OA?

  1. please, clearify the right to your object
  2. use your u: account of University of Vienna for LogIn
  3. select object from your file list
  4. describe your object with metadata and choose a free license, such as CC BY (note: a free license can not be changed anymore!)
  5. save all metadata (please note: object can't be deleted anymore!)
  6. now your object is in our repository for long-term archiving, it can be quoted and found with a permanent link at any time!


You can postprocess all metadata (exception: changing a free license).

Please, take a look at our website for all further informations.


>>> Open-Access-Days 2024,  September 10 – 12 in Köln, Germany - the motto is „DEAL, Diamond and Beyond – Open Access between sovereignty and dependency“.


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Deville, Yves; Jaqmot, Christine (2023): Shared Guidelines for Open Science: Guidelines for Researchers.

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (2019): Guidelines on the development of open educational resources policies.