„With the Digital Library and Biblography for Literature in Translation and Adaptation (DLBT) and with YARM for PHAIDRA, the University Library of Vienna offers you a new infrastructure to collect, secure, publish, and - if desired - use bibliographic metadata as well as digital copies across projects.

The DLBT is a database and research infrastructure that supports you in collecting and publishing translations and reception documents across the boundaries of national literatures and research questions.

With YARM for PHAIDRA, you can collect, save, and publish metadata for topic- or project-specific bibliographies. YARM4PHAIDRA is a PHAIDRA add-on. From summer 2023, you will be able to retrieve data from YARM4PHAIDRA in PHAIDRA and use it, for example, for bibliographies on individual objects.“

Herbert van Uffelen, Lead of Project


Presentation of the Project: https://phaidra.univie.ac.at/o:1632643

Contact: dlbt@univie.ac.at