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Dr. Seyavash Amini advises the Vienna University Library on IP-, Media and Data Protection Law. Receiving a scholarship from Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition he researched about the transition of Copyright Law and graduated with distinction from the Juristischen Fakultät of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich. Besides teaching assignments and publications he was in charge of the Cluster Legal and Ethical Issues of the project e-Infrastructures Austria. In 2015 he founded his company IVOCAT GmbH, advising clients such as research facilites, prominent figures and corporations in his role as Chief Legal Officer.

Mag. Alexander F.S. Putzendopler, Lawyer in 1010 Vienna


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Topic Data Protection at University of Vienna ( "Data Controller and Data Protection Officer") see Data Protection Declaration of the University of Vienna (Ethikkommission) and Data Protection Declaration of the University of Vienna (Websites)