Editing software


FFmpeg is an open source software project that contains a vast amount of libraries and programs. FFmpeg is available for all popular platforms and enables transcoding and basic video editing of almost all formats. It is operated exclusively via the command line.

Adobe Premiere/Apple Final Cut Pro/VegasPro:

Premiere developed by Adobe, together with Apple's Final Cut Pro, is the de facto standard for semi-professional video productions. All basic and advanced video editing functions are available. Almost all video formats and codecs are supported (partly only by using plugins). Both programs are proprietary and are only available for a fee (partly only as subscription model).

Windows Movie Maker/Apple iMovie:

Windows Movie Maker or Apple iMovie, are the standard video editing programs that come with the basic installation of the respective operating system. They are very common and relatively intuitive to use. The functions are rather limited.


Kdenlive is an open-source program for editing videos. All common platforms are supported and it offers a variety of functions.