Phaidra is ...

... the repository for the permanent safeguarding of digital assets at the University of Vienna.

The service is available at:

The digital objects archived in Phaidra get permanent addresses (e.g., handle, for books URN, for publications and research data DOI), are provided with structured metadata and found by search engines.

The operation and further development of the Fedora-based repository-based software is carried out at the University of Vienna.

A test version of Phaidra can be found at:

The open access objects from Phaidra can also be accessed via BASE.

If you are not working or studying at the University of Vienna, Phaidra Depot is at your disposal. Please contact 

Benefits of PHAIDRA

  • Open and free access (all employees and all students of the University of Vienna can actively use Phaidra)
  • Persistent citation (handle-link)
  • Differentiated access concept
  • Data can be licensed
  • Reliable long-term availability
  • Dublin Core and LOM based metadata schemes
  • All formats are allowed (preferred formats)
  • Search based on apache solr
  • The objects are found through web-search engines
  • All objects in Phaidra can be linked in different ways.
  • The metadata can be described in several languages
  • Projects are supported with regard to a data management plan
  • Visualization of the data in different ways (eg Bookviewer for books, Phaidra + for projects from the digital humanities)