Welcome to PHAIDRA Services at the University of Vienna, where we focus on archiving, sorting, and enriching digital or digitized academic objects from research, teaching, and administration. In cooperation with the Central IT Service, we offer specially developed systems for managing this data.

Archive your research data and academic papers securely and sustainably with the PHAIDRA system, which is designed for effective long-term archiving.
Sort, curate, and research your data with UNIDAM, our comprehensive digital asset management system that ensures optimized organization and easy accessibility of your materials.
Our expertise in data enrichment helps you analyze, enhance, and optimize your data for findability, accessibility, sharing, and reuse through advanced technologies such as topic modeling, automatic handwriting recognition, and artificial intelligence.
Learn about the wide range of services we offer on our website and discover our customized solutions for your specific needs. Our dedicated team is ready to support you in all aspects of data management and enhancement.




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    Compact guidelines for practical work - Open Access for all!

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    PHAIDRA on your event

    Book a presentation on data management and long-term archiving with PHAIDRA-Services for your (teaching) event at the University of Vienna.


    FAIR Office Austria

    The office is contact point for implementation of the FAIR principles in research data management in Austria.