UNIDAM can be used by researchers for storing and sharing their assets in teaching and research. The current version 5 has been in use since 2018.

UNIDAM system is converted to Version 5 of the Easydb software. The Content Management System has been completely re-programmed over the last years and is now being adapted to the needs of the University of Vienna.

For further information please contact unidam@univie.ac.at

UNIDAM and its functionalities

UNIDAM is a digital asset management system at the University of Vienna that the DLE library and archive system is specifically supervised and further developed by the PHAIDRA-UNIDAM department.

The system is based on the Easydb system, which has been developed since 2003 by the Berlin company Programmfabrik GmbH. Web-based software for managing digital media content such as images, videos, music and office files (image management software) is available to all teachers and researchers at the University of Vienna. Easydb can be used to enter assets, including their keywords, but also for research and publication. The current version 4 has been in use since the end of 2009.

UNIDAM is now converted to version 5 of the easyDB software, which has been newly developed and programmed over the past few years to meet today's requirements.